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It takes high caliber artists such as ours up to 5 years of extensive training to paint a Van Gogh, Monet or Klimt. Only once our artists have reached a master level they would reproduce the most famous artists mankind has seen. Because we only offer 100% handmade, oil on canvas reproductions of the most famous works of art. Our artists work the same way as the grand artists did – they start with a sketch, add details, fill colors, add textures and highlights, and the results are stunning. Our masterpieces would be a great way to impress your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. How about the Mona Lisa as a gift for your best friend?

Because we value these paintings so much, we want you not only to admire them but also to learn about them. 
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See how your reproduction of a grand master becomes reality. The be honest, we like fancy ideas, and you can see here how we even added a little gimmick into the painting for one of our customers who used this as an illustration for his magazine

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