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  • Are they really paintings?

Yes! Masterpiezes does not sell prints, canvas transfers, lithographs or giclee prints. We do not print a watermark on the canvas and then paint over it like many other affordable retailers do. Masterpiezes only supplies 100% hand-painted oil and acryl paintings. They are painted entirely and exclusively by hand.




  • How do you ship the paintings?

We ship all our paintings rolled (not stretched or framed) in protective plastic tubes right to your door. We use only international couriers (e.g. DHL, TNT, UPS) to guarantee the best service for our customers.





  • How much is the shipping cost?

FREE! There are no hidden costs whatsoever. The price of the painting is the total amount payable including all taxes. Masterpiezes ships paintings worldwide at no additional charge.







  • Is there tax to be paid and/or import duty?

We will always try to pay the import tax or duty on your behalf (our courier offers this option to us). In very rare cases it has happened that customs authorities charged our customers with tax or duty. Should this happen to you, please let us know, and we will issue a
Masterpiezes voucher for the amount you paid to the authorities.







  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards and PayPal. However, if you would like to pay via regular bank transfer or any other payment method let us know and we will try to find a solution.






  • How long does it take until I get my painting(s)?

Please allow our artists 3-4 weeks for painting your desired masterpiece, depending on complexity and size. Masterpiezes will then ship the painting directly to the address indicated by you when you ordered, which will take roughly another week.








  • Can you stretch my painting?

Yes, we certainly can. We offer a stretching service so that you can order your painting, have it stretched, and then hang it on your wall the second you receive it! We hope you understand that this comes however at an additional expense.







  • Do you frame paintings?

No, we do not offer a framing service. The main reason is that framing is a very personal matter and needs to be coordinated to both the painting and your home. You can be assured that the best frame for your painting and your home can be selected at your local custom framing shop.





  • Are reproduction masterpieces legal?

Yes! The only limitation is that the artwork must have passed into the public domain. This means that the artist must have passed away at least 50 years ago, and in some cases, 70 years ago. We do however take styles from the past years (e.g Warhol, Lichtenstein, etc) and do paintings in these styles. This is perfectly legal.





  • I can’t find the painting I am looking for!

To keep our website simple and easy we have only a limited number of paintings online. These were chosen by us because we love them. And because we believe that you don’t want to be overwhelmed by hundreds of paintings. If we weren’t able to satisfy your taste,
please let us know. Send us a picture of your painting, or simply send us an email detailing what you want. We’ll send our art lovers out to search until we have what you want.





  • What else can you paint?

Just about anything! If you have a photo of a beautiful sunset, or a close-up of a flower that you would like reproduced, no problem. Apart from photos, we can also reproduce custom digital designs into a hand-painted masterpiece. All we need is a high-resolution image to work from. The options are unlimited!

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